Around 600 beneficiaries within the provinces of Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Sur received fertilizers and herbicides, various equipment, and a completed irrigation system, with all in all amounting to P16 million. The turnover last April 26 and 27 was part of the series of activities conducted by the Implementation Support Mission Team.

RD Ramon Madroñal gave his message encouraging the ARBOs to also do their part in expanding their businesses using the interventions provided by the project. “With what is provided to our ARBOs, our wish is for you to maximize using them as well. Let us work hand in hand in improving your businesses together,” he said.

The ISM Team along with staff from the regional and provincial offices conducted turnovers, various field visits, and focused group discussions (FGDs) in the clusters of Salipyasin ARC and Salug Valley ARC.


Input, equipment turned over to support ARBOs of Salipyasin ARC Cluster

The Salipyasin Cluster received multiple interventions from the Project in the presence of other lead consolidator and participating ARBOs in Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay. Interventions amounting to around  P6.2 million were turned over to the beneficiaries to aid them in their rubber enterprise. The signing of MOA was also done.

At the same time, two units of 4-wheeler truck were turned over to Lumbia Rubber Producers Association (LURPA) and Silingan Rubber Farmers Association (SIRFA), while one unit of 6-wheeler hauling truck was turned over to Timbabauan Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (TIMARBENCO). These three ARBOs are additional lead ARBOs from the previous sole-Big Brother Scheme value chain model of the cluster.

With these interventions amounting to P3.4 million, the ARBOs mentioned will finally be able to consolidate rubber lumps from the PARBOs and farmer-members within their respective municipalities.

The other set of interventions totaling to P2.8 million were in relation to the Production Capitalization Fund, an input-loan scheme that aims to improve the quality of rubber lumps being consolidated that will provide a favorable market price for the farmers. Around 1,500 bags of Inorganic Fertilizer and 800 liters of herbicide were turned over to GARBEMCO, TARBENCO, TIMARBENCO, and SIRFA.

At the same time, TIMARBENCO presented their ARBO’s rubber enterprise progress along with a conduct of an FGD with the IFAD and CPMO team.

TIMARBENCO Manager Evan Dinopol expressed his thanks to the team: “We would like to express our gratitude to Project ConVERGE for their continuous support through these interventions. The addition of the hauling truck is a great help in further consolidating larger volumes of rubber from our participating ARBOs and members,” he said.

Meanwhile, ISM team head Ronald Chua also expressed noticeable improvement of the said cluster. He also emphasized the need for the ARBOs to look ahead in maximizing the use of said provisions, with the project’s upcoming closing this year of 2022.

“We give you our best wishes in the support you have received, and that this will be able to aid you in the next days to come for your respective businesses,” he added.


Turnover of Communal Irrigation System (CIS), power line transformer in Salug Valley Cluster

In the Salug Valley Cluster of Zamboanga del Sur, two sub-projects were handed over to Tagolalo Agrarian Reform Farmers Irrigators Association (TARFIA), and Manlabay, Maralag, Timonan, Libertad, Basak Farmer Integrated Agrarian Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MANTILIBA-FIAMCO).

The mission team visited the completed rehabilitation/extension of the Tagolalo Communal Irrigation System Phase 2 in the town of Aurora. The subproject will benefit 62 beneficiaries in the Salug Valley Cluster, with a total project cost of around P8.8 million.

TARFIA also signed the Sustainability Memorandum of Agreement and received the key of responsibility for the turned over subproject. The CIS will fully strengthen the operationalization of the ARBOs within the area of Aurora as the irrigation system will properly and regularly water their rice crops.

Another subproject amounting to PHP 995 thousand was also turned over to another ARBO, the MANTILIBA-FIAMCO, where a total of 151 beneficiaries are set to benefit from the 3 Phase Power Line Transformers. With the power line transformers turned over, the ARBO will then be able to fully maximize the usage of their other existing equipment like the mechanical dryer and milling machine.

Project Manager Gomer Tumbali expressed his encouragement to the farmers receiving the interventions by emphasizing the need for them to pursue continuous maintenance of said projects. In addition, he also added the goal of improving production and income which was the purpose of providing the sub-projects.

The ISM Team was consisted by IFAD Value Chain consultant Ronald Chua and CPMO representatives Marga Flores and Ed Agac-ac. OIC-National Project Director Merlita Capinpuyan also graced the activities with her presence along with Project Manager Gomer Tumbali. RD Ramon Madroñal and ARD Agnes Maata headed the regional office participation during the field visits and turnovers conducted alongside the regional and provincial coordinators and staff.

By: Jullienne Veronica Tuazon & Katrin Anne Arcala

IFAD, CPMO and RPMO Team during the blessing and turnover of the CIS Phase II

The team passing the key of responsibility to the respective ARBOs during the turnovers of CIS Phase II and Electric Transformer

The team passing the key of responsibility to the respective ARBOs during the turnovers of CIS Phase II and Electric Transformer

The team passing the key of responsibility to the respective ARBOs during the turnovers of CIS Phase II and Electric Transformer

IFAD, CPMO, and RPMO team during the focused group discussion with ARBOs of the Salug Valley Cluster, Zamboanga del Sur

PM Gomer Tumbali giving his remarks during the FGD in Salug Valley Cluster

IFAD, CPMO, and RPMO team during the Focused Group Discussion with ARBOs of Salipyasin Cluster

RD Madroñal giving his remarks during the FGD in Zamboanga Sibugay

IFAD Consultant Ronald Chua giving his remarks during the FGD in Zamboanga Sibugay