Bukidnon – The DAR Secretary Bro. John R. Castriciones led the turnover of the two sub-project infra-support farm to market roads of Project ConVERGE  at sitio Kalasuyan, Brgy. Capihan, Municipality of Libona and in Sitio Awol, Brgy. Mantibugao, Municipality of Manolo Fortich.  

The activity started with a blessing, cutting of the ribbon, and the unveiling of the project signage with the DAR Central Office dignitaries, Hon. Mayor Clive Quino, Brgy Officials, ARBOs, and from DAR Regional Project Management Office X led by Regional Project Director Ding Omar-Macadindang, Al Hadj together with the Regional Project Coordinator Paul Paulin and Provincial Project Management Office Bukidnon, headed by Provincial Project Director Engr. Norberto Paquingan, DM.

In the program proper, Hon. Brgy Chairman Magtajas formally welcomed all guests, stakeholders, and all participants to the momentous event. “I am so proud and happy that we are one of the recipients of Project ConVERGE, where many ARBs and farmers benefited on this project, most especially in hauling our agricultural products to the market”, Chairman Magtajas said.

“It is not only beneficial to Project ConVERGE recipients but rather all other farmers who will pass by this Farm to Market Road, I believed this is a great help to all of us farmers. I am looking forward and hoping for an extension of project converge to continue what we had started”, the latter concluded.

Meanwhile, DAR X Regional Director Zoraida Omar-Macadindang, Al Hadj gave her message of inspiration and challenged all ARBs to preserve and maintain the roads. She also praised and appreciated the Honorable Mayors for the support and commitment of Project ConVERGE, “Truly your Municipalities were blessed and fortunate to be our partner”, Director Ding added. 

In his keynote message, Secretary Castriciones shared his experiences working with the people of Bukidnon, particularly the Indigenous People, where once he was been wearing the Lumads attire, a gesture of being recognized and accepted by the community. “The people of Bukidnon are so close to my heart”, Sec. Brother John said.

He also shared the plan of DAR of facilitating an affordable socialized housing program for all Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries farmers with solar panel facilities. “This is how DAR thinks and is committed of helping all ARBs in becoming sustainable and economically viable citizens in our country. I will lobby to include the two Municipalities of Libona and Manolo Fortich for this undertaking”, Sec. Castriciones concluded.

After the symbolic acceptance and signing of Turnover documents to the two Municipal Mayors of Libona and Manolo Fortich, Hon. Mayor Clive Quino expressed his heartfelt thanks to DAR Secretary Castriones and to DAR X Regional Macadindang for the Project ConVERGE, which is a major development contributor to the Municipality. “This is one of those dreams of my father when he was still the Mayor, his vision to have access of Farm to Market Road and bridges to connect people’s farm products and now comes to reality through Project ConVERGE. Thank you very much DAR for this”, Hon. Mayor Quino said.

The activity was formally closed by DAR Bukidnon PARPO II, Engr. Norberto Paquingan DM, with words of congratulatory to all the people behind the success of the project and gave his thankful message to DAR Secretary Castriciones, to all undersecretaries who were present at the event, and also to DAR X Regional Director Ding Macadindang, Al Hadj.

Article from RPMO-10