The Guinalaban Farmers’ Multi-purpose Cooperative (GFMPC), lead consolidator of abaca enterprise in the MISORET ARC Cluster successfully delivered 1.5 tons of fibers. This test-market with NewTech Pulp, Inc. in Iligan City is facilitated by the Project Convergence on Value Chain enhancement for Rural Growth and Empowerment (Project ConVERGE) of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).

There are 17 participating Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (PARBOs) as suppliers following the Consolidator – Integrator Approach in the Value Chain Scheme. Additionally, the Project ConVERGE assisted GFMPC with their accreditation paper as a supplier for NewTech Pulp, Inc., as well as the renewal of PhilFIDA license as an abaca local consolidator in MISORET. Further, the LGU of Salay also provided assistance to the farmers by lending their truck to haul the Abaca fibers and deliver them to Iligan City.

This new development gives hope to the farmers in MISORET ARC Cluster especially for the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs). For years, poverty has been affecting these farmers. Most of their products fall into the hands of middlemen and traders. But with the project intervention by establishing a link to the market of their products will help increase the income of ARBs through their respective ARBOs. 

Photo credits to Ms. Carol Llamis, DF