A meeting with the lead ARB Organization (ARBO),  Bukidnon Farmers CARP Beneficiaries MPC (BUKIFCARB MPC) , and participating ARBOs,  BFI Employees Agrarian Reform Cooperative (BEARCO) and Maraymaray Agrarian Reform Cooperative (MARBC) with PPMO staff of South Bukidnon Cluster was conducted on February 20, 2019 in Don Carlos, Bukidnon.

The activity aims to discuss SEC Registration requirements, Farm to Market Road construction concerns, updates on ARBO membership, and data collection for monitoring. A set of officers were elected for the enterprise to wit; Zosimo Soroysoroy (Chairman), Leonardo Robas (Vice Chairman), Trixie Selivio (Secretary), Francisco Amante Sr (Treasurer), and Reo Buico, Enrique Montalbo Sr and Maria Anita Dela Cruz (BOD).